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Travelgo scooter - portable and collasible scooter

TravelGo Portable Scooter

Portable Indoor & Outdoor Lightweight Scooter!
Regain your mobile independence at an affordable price. We offer FREE & FAST Shipping across all Canada with NO-TAX on our pricing. We deliver to your doorstep fully assembled and ready to drive from the first day!


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Foldable & Lightweight

Mobility Scooter

Regain Your Mobility Independence with

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TravelGo is both airport and airplane safe by the TCCA (CA) and various other aviation authorities whether domestically, or abroad. Combined with the lightweight and foldable features of this model, its airplane-friendliness makes it one of our favorites for travel. 

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TravelGo Is Airline Approved

TravelGO powerchair airline approved


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I used this scooter for the first time around the park. Both my mom and dad has a scooter so I needed a small one to fit along side another scooter. We have a hoist to lift the one in and the folding one I could lift into the boot. My mom found it easy to control and very smooth. It was delivered fully assembled. I will recommend them

Anne Simeon / March 23rd, 2020

I’m very pleased with the ease of operation of this scooter, it’s small enough to move in and out of the car very quickly and portable enough to leave the car boot and leave space for other items.

A Taylo / March 8th, 2019

This scooter made a big difference to my ability to get around. As someone whose mobility has gotten worse over the past few years, this made me realise what I missed. I love the way it unfolds, it’s like a transformer, and in seconds we can keep it in the car and its ready to use.

David M. / Jan 1st, 2020

I received this scooter for a little over a month ago and so far it works great. Shipping was very fast, it came faster than I expected. My only disappointed is that it is smaller than I expected. Read More…

Lyle B. / July 19, 2020

It was so easy to put together…,.once the battery linked up together…took it for a spin….it has a tonne of power. I weigh 230 lbs…it didn’t stop even going up the incline in my driveway….so glad I got it.

Adrienne E. / January 9, 2020

I got this one as a gift, the scooter easily fit my car’s trunk. overall its fine.

Michael E. / December 28, 2019