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Five things to consider when purchasing an electric wheelchair

five things to consider when purchasing an electric wheelchair

Buying an electric wheelchair can be a daunting task sometimes so it is important to do proper research and consider certain things before purchasing an electric wheelchair. Below are the list of 5 things to consider when purchasing an electric wheelchair.

Body size, shape, and build

Physical build of the individual using the chair is an important thing to consider before buying. This includes age, as children and adults require different chairs. Body-weight, and height are also considerations that a reputable supplier will look at when trying to find the right wheelchair for you. This is why it is so important to talk with mobility wheelchair experts to determine which options are most viable and pragmatic.

The underlying diagnoses and medical needs

The reason you are using the electric wheelchair is also a pertinent consideration; this may relate to your strength and endurance, which may rule out manual options. Individuals living with paralysis or amputation will have distinct needs, while those using the chair for poor balance and fall-risk will have others. Discuss this with the customer service agent during the initial consulting and rule out wheelchairs that simply are not suited to your physical condition and medical needs.

Your lifestyle and habits

Naturally, your lifestyle and activities that you engage in regularly are important elements that can impact your buying decision. If you plan on doing specific tasks in the chair, and whether you intend to use the chair for mainly sitting, can make a certain chair more suitable than others. Some individuals may only need the chair for transportation, that is, getting from one spot to another while others may want the ability to access any and all of life’s activities and opportunities while using their wheelchair. The choice is yours!


The terrain of your home and property are also key when making your decision related to buying an electric wheelchair. Some buyers may only plan on using the chair when they are at home, or when they visit their local community.

For this reason, variances in wheelchair wheels and comfort may point to the best option for your needs. If you frequently use the sidewalks or roadways, live in a rural or rugged environment, and even if you plan to use the chair camping often are key factors to consider before buying a chair.

Personal preferences and impressions

Don’t overlook your own personal preferences, tastes, or impressions when selecting your new electric wheelchair; know that your new wheelchair is an investment in mobility and access, inside the home and out. Ask friends, family members, or others that utilize mobility devices and chairs for their input and level of satisfaction to help make informed buying decisions.

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  1. ElsaRose Bryant says:

    This is not my first power wheelchair – but it is definitely the best one – ordered on Dec 3(received in 3 weeks) because I needed a more substantial chair, yet one that my husband could put in the car with ease – I live in a rural area, but travel to the city for medical reasons frequently and I wanted the confidence to cross busy streets yet ease of entering offices and stores. The TravelGo chair gives me this confidence. May even get the nerve to fly across country now that I have this chair. Something I wouldn’t do with my old chair. Let the adventure begin in 2020

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